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Want to know why you should buy an AMRAP silicone wedding ring? Posted on 4 Nov 13:11

Here's one of our founders Adele talking about our AMRAP silicone rings

Attention Crossfit Couples: Silicone Wedding Rings UK are here and they are perfect for your busy, active lives Posted on 1 Oct 12:31

For those who like wearing their rings, but are afraid to for fear of losing them, damaging them, or suffering personal injury due to an activity, fear not! AMRAP silicone rings are the perfect solution. Made from medical grade silicone, AMRAP rings are extremely durable yet amazingly comfortable and are even offered in a variety of colours, making them suitable for anyone in any situation.

Emma, Owner & Head Coach @ CrossFit Llanelli says; "I wanted to take the time and so thank you so much for the silicone band. I love it. It went down a storm at the gym... I'm thinking of ordering another with yourself too. Big thanks again."

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AMRAP offers both a men's and women's rings and even offers first class delivery throughout the UK. Each ring is tested for maximum quality to ensure it will hold up to the strenuous rigors of any athlete, gym-goer, hiker, cyclist, etc.

AMRAP offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back and also a 2-year product guarantee, so there’s really no risk in picking out your ring right now.

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Review by OMQfitness about AMRAP Silicone Rings UK Posted on 11 Sep 12:05

Thank you to OMQfitness for their review about AMRAP Silicone Rings UK

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We tested out the silicone rings from Amrap, designed for people with super active lifestyles. The idea is that you can wear this in place of your wedding ring, so you don’t have to always take it off and risk losing it in the gym.

Can you wear it to lift?

We hit the weight rack with our Amrap rings on and were pleasantly surprised by how little we noticed it. There was none of the usual pinching you’d find if you were wearing your actual wedding ring.
We also tried it at kickboxing, jujitsu, yoga and in the park and not once it did get on our nerves.
These come in men’s and women’s sizes, so everyone can get involved, and are particularly popular with people who lift. I’m not sure if you’d swap it before you left for the gym or just swap it all together, leaving the gold in a box – I guess that’s up to you. But if you and your partner are in and out of the weight room more than anywhere else, you’d probably love this.

If you want to try it out, OMQ readers can get £2 off each order at using the code OHMYQUAD.
*We don’t get any money from you using the code, we just like to pass on savings!

New Vendor Announced: AMRAP Silicone Rings Posted on 11 Sep 12:00

We’re super excited to announce AMRAP Silicone Rings will be on hand at the Glacier Games selling comfortable, durable and affordable Silicone Wedding Rings to competitors and their supporters.

UK based AMRAP offer a unique product for Crossfit Athletes – a wedding ring that doesn’t pinch or catch the skin like a regular metal ring when you exercise. 

Games organiser, Antony Robertshaw said; “Tested by athletes across the UK, AMRAP silicone rings get the thumbs up from the Glacier Games and we are delighted to have them on board.”

If you can’t wait until November, you can buy now via

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Battle of the Beasts say ‘We Do’ to AMRAP Posted on 20 Aug 12:24

AMRAP Silicone Wedding Rings are super excited to announce they will have a stand at the Battle of the Beasts final in Colchester on the 25th October.

If you’re married, how often do you take off your wedding ring to work out? It doesn’t have to be like this! AMRAP silicone wedding rings are comfortable, durable, hardwearing and won’t pinch or catch your skin even on the heaviest deadlifts or the fastest muscle ups.

P.S If you can’t wait until October, you can buy now via

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A very sorry sight.... Posted on 30 Jul 10:00

We were saddened to see a very lonely gold wedding ring, abandoned by its owner. We find this madness, it's just like leaving a stack of cash on the side - you're unlikely to do it with money so why do it to your wedding ring?

People, there is another way...!!!

Any abandoned rings in your box? Email us via as we'd love to see them.

Product review: ladies slate blue ring Posted on 28 Jul 16:56

This morning we tested the slate blue ladies ring out in our local box, the WOD today was all weights, no cardio and consisted of 5x5x5x5 back squats, 5x5x5x5 push press and setting 1RM C&J and 1RM snatch.

As the silicone ring is so comfortable at no point do you notice it on your finger. During the lifts there was none of the usual pinching you would get if you were to leave your wedding ring on. 

The picture shows the ring after a dip into the chalk bucket.

Crossfit wedding ring, covered in chalk


Man Finds Lost Wedding Ring After 15 Years - While Gardening Posted on 16 Jul 15:11

We love this story from the Huffington Post;

A man has found his lost wedding ring 15 years after it went missing.

When it first disappeared he thought someone must have stolen it, but then he came across something shiny while planting bamboo in his back garden.

The man's son, shared the photograph online and it has since gone viral, attracting thousands of comments (most of whom make Lord Of The Rings references).