Review by OMQfitness about AMRAP Silicone Rings UK Posted on 11 Sep 12:05

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We tested out the silicone rings from Amrap, designed for people with super active lifestyles. The idea is that you can wear this in place of your wedding ring, so you don’t have to always take it off and risk losing it in the gym.

Can you wear it to lift?

We hit the weight rack with our Amrap rings on and were pleasantly surprised by how little we noticed it. There was none of the usual pinching you’d find if you were wearing your actual wedding ring.
We also tried it at kickboxing, jujitsu, yoga and in the park and not once it did get on our nerves.
These come in men’s and women’s sizes, so everyone can get involved, and are particularly popular with people who lift. I’m not sure if you’d swap it before you left for the gym or just swap it all together, leaving the gold in a box – I guess that’s up to you. But if you and your partner are in and out of the weight room more than anywhere else, you’d probably love this.

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