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*SALE* Olive Green Ladies Silicone Wedding Ring


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Perfect if you like outdoor activities, it is great for camping, hiking and all outdoor pursuits. Don't worry any more about losing your regular wedding ring whilst out trekking, your AMRAP ring is a perfect solution if you love to keep healthy.

Here's what one of the AMRAP founders had to say; 

I first started Crossfit 4 years ago, just a few weeks after getting married. I loved the community and regime of it all but quickly noticed that my shiny new ring would scrape against the bars when lifting and doing pull ups. I grew callouses around the ring and its shiny surface quickly became dulled from rubbing on the bars. After a few months of this, as my weights got heavier (and I got better at pull-ups!) I found the ring digging in so much that I would take it off for workouts. With an AMRAP silicone ring, you simply don't need to do that. It is hard wearing and won't cut into your flesh like a regular ring.