Testimonials – AMRAP Silicone Wedding Rings


Stewart Brian Lansberry:
"Thank you for my ring, feels great"
Army Silicone Ring
Helen Burke:
"Very happy with my AMRAP silicone ring. Not only does it act as a good substitute for my wedding ring it helps keep my ring on when running!"
Alternative ring
Sam Priday‎:
My husband loves his AMRAP ring. Great service...even for fussy customers who send stuff back.Thanks guys!
Electricians ring
Claire Alsop:
"Arrived today, super fast delivery with a nice wee personal message on the enclosed letter. Can't wait to try it tonight at kettles. Thank you. X"
fitness silicone ring
Paula Hancox
"Massive thank you to AMRAP for the fast stress free sale and swap for a smaller size. I have one happy hubby.... Great service."
Construction workers ring 
Audrey Beaumont‎
Not only it looked very cool but seems to have given me special powers today as well!!!!
gym, weightlifting and excercise
Emma, Owner & Head Coach @ CrossFit Llanelli says; 
"So.....being married is awesome. And I wear my wedding bands with pride! However being a Gym Owner and an athlete it's a tough decision to wear them whilst training & Coaching. I made the decision from day 1 not to train in them. Cost and safety etc. I hate taking them off. Fear of losing them but in the same breath want to ensure they stay in tact! I always want to show off the fact that I'm married. Well thanks to www.AMRAP.co.uk I can! They have created a silicone wedding band that can be worn whist training! Epic! Now I don't have to worry about losing my precious wedding bands and train safely in the knowledge that I'm representing all the married folk out there! #AMRAP #thanksguys"
crossfit wedding ring 
David Long, Owner and Head Coach @ Crossfit Cirencester says;
"A WOD and an endurance class in the new AMRAP Silicone Wedding ring. Really comfortable, didn't even notice I was wearing a ring"
Sarah Phillips; 
"Just a quick message to say the ring has arrived and fits perfectly ! I absolutely love it - no more working out without my wedding ring now :-). Also, thank you so much for such great service, I couldn't believe it when it turned up with this mornings post. I will have to get some more colours now ! "
electricians and plumbers 
Dale Townsend, AMRAP Customer from Swindon says;
"Really impressed with new ring. Have not worn a wedding ring for years due to lifestyle and work... These have solved the problem! Very comfortable and practical and keeps my wife happy."
Police service