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Slate Blue Mens Silicone Wedding Ring


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Looks almost black in the photo but it's a dark blue slate colour.

If you like going for a kick about in the field after work or if your team plays in the Sunday league you'll know that you have to take your ring off to play. Inevitably you have to leave it in your kitbag in the changing room, yes - we've all done it. Problem is what if some thieving **** rummages through your it bag and pinches it? How do you explain that to your other half!

Whilst it is always down to the discretion of the ref, there is no reason why you cant wear your AMRAP ring whilst playing. The ring sits so comfortably on your finger you're unlikely to hurt yourself or another player in wearing it (unless you punch them).

Perfect for rugby, football, hockey, baseball, basketball. Whatever sport you play, you need an AMRAP ring